How To Become A Trillionaire And Save The World

The biggest challenge for humanity is, without doubt, the Climate Emergency. A trillion tons of Carbon Dioxide have been put into the atmosphere mostly by fossil fuels. Only 8 years of current emissions separate humanity from triggering Global Warming events than have a serious possibility of spinning our climate out of control.

Decades of inaction, fueled by vicious disinformation campaigns and thousands of fossil fuel lobbyists in Washington have delayed sensible action to the point that the planet will be going over this cliff. It is inconceivable, that politicians, industry and even the general population will muster the will to shut down every fossil fuel extraction during the next 8 years.

But great challenges call for great solutions and it is time to call on Mother Nature for help. There is one magical tree that can pull the CO2 out of the atmosphere at the breakneck speed we need. It is many more efficient than other trees and even bamboo. And there are lots of benefits. The CO2 gets converted into high-quality lumber that can be used in many places. The leaves are nitrogen fixers that help the soil and are full of protein, so cows like them. The branches can be used in a Green Power House to make electricity and fertilizer.

It is a worldwide problem, so the numbers are huge. Even this magical tree needs to be planted in lots of forests to offset the current emissions from oil, gas and coal.

How can you become a trillionaire planting trees?

It turns out that tree plantations make already good amounts of money, but a tree that grows within 8-10 years makes this a fabulous business. While it costs $3,000 to acquire and plant an acres of trees (depending on location), the wood and other products can be worth as much as $30,000 after the tree is grown for 7-10 years. Do that on a large number of acres and you become a trillionaire.

This turns the cost of being environmentally responsible into the greatest business opportunity on Earth.